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Because I love…

... A VIEW!!! I don't really love planes though, however, the views on the flight home from my latest travels were just too amazing to miss. For once I was on a day flight and the clouds had parted to reveal panoramic, sweeping landscapes from snow capped mountains, to dusty deserts, to ice sheets as… Continue reading Because I love…


Journaling the good things

I saw something on the internet (I wish I could remember where!) at the beginning of the year, which suggested taking the time each night before you go to sleep, to note down one good thing that happened that day. Initially I dismissed it as just another of those annoying new year resolutions, but the… Continue reading Journaling the good things

Myanmar, photography

Exploring Inle Lake, Myanmar

We were huddled under blankets on little chairs on the longtail boat, which was speeding away from the town and out into open water.  The early morning mist was rising off the lake and shrouding the surrounding hills, partially obscuring their shapes. There were a few other boats passing us, with occupants similarly wrapped up… Continue reading Exploring Inle Lake, Myanmar

Australia, photography

Newcastle….Australia that is…

Hands up who knew there was a Newcastle in Australia?  No?  Of you who did, how many have been there?  That's what I thought!  When I tell people I'm going there I am usually met with a blank face and have to explain whereabouts it is.  Which is exactly what happened to me the first… Continue reading Newcastle….Australia that is…


Goodbye 2017 – let’s get 2018 on the road!

Happy New Year!  So, I’ve been a bit lazy on the blogging front the last few weeks, what with Christmas and all.  The festive season was lovely, but I was pretty tired by the time the holidays rolled around.  Christmas day was spent very quietly with my family and it was lovely, I couldn’t have… Continue reading Goodbye 2017 – let’s get 2018 on the road!


5 Months In – Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Well, I am very pleased to announce that I have reached my five month blogiversary today!  I can't believe it, how time flies!  As it's also Christmas it seems like a good time for a little reflection. I was petrified of setting up a blog and hitting that publish button for the first time, I… Continue reading 5 Months In – Thank you and Merry Christmas!